I am a 26-year-old Scottish photographer and designer based in Edinburgh. I explore photography as a medium to communicate on social and political injustices to stimulate reflection and instigate conversation. My desire to make photographs is driven by the belief that the more we visually connect the world on an emotive basis, the faster we can surpass the confines of our prejudice and norms that prevent progress.

I seek to create work that questions the wild paradoxes present in society. To achieve this, I create investigative dreamscapes in which the imagery can exist. A world that exists underneath the social veneer, where vices are visible and indulged. These dreamscapes are informed by a period of research and reflection on the societal challenges of today. I then translate this research into a visual narrative, sourcing props and creating characters embedded in semiology.

A central theme of my work is the intersection of masculinities and the climate crisis. As a young male identifying as he/him, I feel a responsibility to educate myself and my peers on the gendered biases and inequalities that still exist in modern society. I am troubled by the masculinities, which are preventing men from engaging with environmentally sustainable behaviours. This phenomenon is creating a gendered eco gap, fuelled by the avoidance of behaviours perceived to be green to escape emasculation. 

My series ‘Plastic Reproduction’ explores the circular plasticisation of our environment and the consequential legacy passed on to the next generation. The combination of the human form and plastics creates a visual language of shock, aiming to engage even the most eco-ignorant viewer and ultimately deliver a critical message. The featured plastics consist of single-use water bottle tops, ironic food toys and litter collected from the streets of Glasgow. This work was nominated for the Association of Photographers Emerging Talent Award 2020, exhibited at Photo London Digital 2020 and selected to exhibit at Rotterdam Photo in July 2021. I have recently been awarded funding by Creative Scotland to visually research ‘Digital Fatigue’.


Rotterdam Photo 2021

'Plastic Reproduction' has been selection to exhibit at Rotterdam Photo, June 30th - July 4th 2021

Association of Photographers (AOP) Awards 2020

'Plastic Reproduction' won a finalist position in the Association of Photographers (AOP) Awards Emerging Talent category. Unfortunately the exhibition at Canary Wharf has been cancelled. 

However, the online exhibition featuring a selection of innovative image makers can be viewed here

Photo London Digital 

'Plastic Reproduction' exhibited at Photo London Digital; the world's first online international photography fair.

Photo London Digital can be viewed here.


Master of Design in Photography, Glasgow School of Art [2019] + Masters Degree Show Prize for Sustainability, Runner Up

BA Graphic & Communication Design, University of Leeds [2015]

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